This Book is For:

*Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to scale their operations - and themselves - to levels unimagined by any of their 2X competitors.

*Ambitious leaders and professionals of all persuasions who are always on the lookout for that edge, that game plan for getting to where they want to go, and in the fastest and smartest way possible.

*Anyone who is unsatisfied with their current trajectory in life, and who wants not only to jumpstart their progress and get moving, but also to see just how far they can go and where it's possible for them to end up.

*Unique, creative thinkers who are willing to discard the "good enough" life they have now in favor of the brilliant life it's possible for them to live.


“Going 10x means you’re living based on the most intrinsic and exciting future you can imagine. That 10x future becomes your filter for everything you do, and most of your current life can’t make it through that 10x filter.”

-Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Total transformations are never linear, and they are rarely obvious. It requires something completely different than what came before, a radical change in behavior and thinking, and if you're not consciously aiming for these types of 10X transformations, you'll never experience them.

The best books, however, can be catalysts for these types of shifts, and that was exactly my experience with Dr. Benjamin Hardy's book. It represented not an addition to my life and my business results, but a multiplication of my efforts and rewards. My life and my business have never been the same.

10X Is Easer Than 2X is not a difficult book to read or understand, and once you see what Hardy's writing about, you can't unsee it. The goal of the book is to inspire entrepreneurial leaders to aim for "breakthrough" goals, not merely "incremental" goals (2X) - which will never lead to radical transformation.

One of the major themes of the book is that, in aiming for these kinds of 10X transformations, you'll have to let go of about 80 percent of what you're doing now. What got you here won't get you there, and as you keep ascending higher and higher in developing your own Unique Ability (more on that later), you'll have to keep zoning in on the 20% that will get you to that next level.

In fact, as you progress, the people on your team will be able to take on your former 80%, especially if it represents their 20%. Then, they'll develop their own Unique Abilities, and they'll be able to offload their 80% in a virtuous cycle of continuous, never-ending improvement.

If all this sounds a little bit abstract, we'll get into specifics later. These are just the broad strokes. But this kind of big-picture thinking is likely to start a spin-cycle inside your brain as you start to get a handle on all the possibilities this idea opens up for you to expand your four most important freedoms:

*Time Freedom

*Financial Freedom

*Relationship Freedom

*Purpose Freedom

The above framework comes from Dr. Hardy's coauthor, Dan Sullivan, the world's leading coach for highly successful entrepreneurs and the originator of this 10X idea. They've teamed up on several book projects before, and I've written breakdowns on those books here, here, and here.

But it's those four fundamental freedoms that you'll need to keep expanding if you want to keep making progress. The projects and purposes you devote yourself to, the people you choose to surround yourself with while you do, the money it'll take to make them real, and the time it'll take to bring it all together.

This all must seem like a lot more work, but it's actually less. It's easier than going 2X, and that's because we're talking about a total reimagining of business as usual, not something that's "a little bit better" than what came before.

In this breakdown, we'll be covering several Key Ideas that are going to bring all of this together, but right away, this idea will likely seem strangely familiar. Because you've done this before...

Key Ideas:

#1: You've Gone 10X Before

“By seeing 10X more clearly in your own past, you’ll also be able to more clearly see it in your future. You’ve gone 10x many times.

Anytime you’ve committed to something you wanted and transformed through that commitment, you went 10x. You made a fundamental and qualitative upgrade that permanently expanded your freedoms and agency.

When you went from crawling to walking, you went 10x. You committed and transformed yourself. You can look back and see that at one point, you weren’t able to do something and then you made the transformation.

When you learned how to speak, you went 10x. When you learned how to read, you went 10x. When you learned how to make friends, you went 10x. Anytime you committed to something beyond what you’d done and transformed through that commitment, you went 10x.

Learning to drive a car (or fly a plane) is a 10x jump. Becoming an entrepreneur is a 10x jump. Anytime you go 10x, you no longer operate as the same person you did prior to the 10x. You’ve altered your identity, mental models, and way of being. You’ve expanded your Unique Ability.”

Reference experiences are one of the most powerful tools in your transformation toolbox. By "reference experiences" I mean specific times that you can look back on and remember that you've got what it takes.

These are actual events in your life that you can look back on and remind yourself that you've been here before. You've done this once, you can do it again. So it's not that you have to learn how to go 10X; you have to re-learn how to go 10X.

One specific thing I've noticed about some of the most successful people in the world is that they all, virtually without exception, possess an almost delusional self-belief in their own ability to figure it out; to win; to go 10X.

#2: Almost Everything is Noise

“Almost everything is noise. Almost everything you’re now doing is a distraction from 10X.”

The entire modern world is an attention trap, designed to strip you of your personal power and remove your attention from the actualization of your highest potential to the latest scandal or psy-op du jour.

You're also doing this to yourself by continuing to engage in low-leverage activities that will only keep you stuck at 2X levels. Most of what you're doing is holding you back, obscuring the pathway toward your 10X transformation.

So what you have to do is rigorously analyze everything that you're working on and doing on a day-by-day level, and measuring it against those activities that will bring you to 10X.

If something doesn't measure up, cut it. Ruthlessly eliminate it. Discard it without mercy, and refocus your extremely limited attention on those things - and only those things - that carry within them the seeds of a 10X transformation.

You won't be able to see what those things are so long as you're mechanically going about your accustomed routine. You need to take a step back. No, a step up and look at it from a more holistic perspective. From the perspective of someone who has already gone 10X and is now illuminating the path for those behind them. More on this later.

#3: It's Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile

“In all aspects of life, the competition is highest for average goals. Not only is the competition highest, but the excitement is lowest and the pathway forward is dramatically more complex and confusing with small and linear goals.

With unrealistic, impossible, or ‘10x’-level goals, the competition is lowest, the excitement is highest, and the pathway forward becomes simple and nonlinear. You stop following the crowd. You shift toward quality rather than quantity and stop competing with anyone.”

There are several important things at work here. First, the obvious. Most people are trying to "make six figures," or "get a six-pack," etc. Everyone wants to buy a Porsche or a Lambo, move into a big house, or whatever else. Nothing against luxury cars whatsoever - I drive one myself - but as a goal, it's pretty damn boring. Unimaginative at best, harmful to the soul at worst.

The same dynamic is at work in our careers. There are plenty of people trying to become doctors and lawyers, but how many people do you know who are gunning for the presidency of the American Medical Association? Who's actually trying to make it onto the Supreme Court?

Better yet, how many people do you know who are actually concerned with taking their physical and intellectual potential to the absolute upper limit of human possibility? It's that a lot more exciting than trying to get some little promotion at work so you can buy a slightly more expensive house?

The former are 10X goals, and not only are they much more intrinsically rewarding and exciting, but you also turn your back on competition once you set those kinds of goals in the first place.

Who are you even competing against if your goal is to read 10,000 books (my personal goal), or ensure humanity's future as a Type II civilization? I'd take the bus for the rest of my natural life if I had to, if it meant that I could throw my entire being into achieving those kinds of goals.

#4: The Goal Determines the Process

“The higher and more specific your goals and standards become, the fewer options you have - which counterintuitively, actually makes them easier to achieve. Bigger and more specific goals immediately axe almost everything you’re now doing, making all sorts of space for exploring and scanning much better options.” 

One of my favorite reframes of all time is to change the question from "if" something were possible, to "how would I do it?" It's powerful because it forces you to reevaluate the path ahead in a way that "smaller" questions just don't.

Money examples are always the easiest to explain, so I'll use one here. If your goal is to earn $100,000 a year, there are a multitude of "good" options for doing so. You could enter any number of professions, start innumerable different kinds of businesses, put into action a variety of strategies and schemes.

But if your goal is to earn $1M in a single year, then the "playing field" of options narrows considerably. At that income level, you pretty much have to start some kind of business, and even then, you're probably going to come to the conclusion that you'll need to prioritize growing your personal brand if you want to scale fast.

There are still way too many options for making money on the internet, though. One million dollars could come as a result of sponsorships, courses, coaching, ad revenue, etc. You've got to narrow these down. So which monetization strategy do you pursue?

Well, to reach $1M in revenue, you could sell 100,000 books at $10 each. You could do that. Or, you could sell 4,000 copies of a $250 course based on your expertise. And let me tell you, it's much easier to find 4,000 people willing to pay you $250 than it is to find 100,000 people willing to pay you $10.

Even better than that, though, is coaching and consulting. There's no reason why you can't do a combination of all these, but for simplicity's sake - both here in this example and in the real world - you're going to want to begin with just one. And again, let me tell you, it's a lot easier to find 10 people willing to pay you $8,333 per month for coaching than it is to find 4,000 people willing to pay you $250.

Are any of these paths easy? Absolutely not! In all likelihood it will take you years to build the kind of skill set that would be worth $8,333 to someone. But it can be done. There are people who have done it; people who have become so good at what they do, that they are sought out by the wealthiest people in the entire world and paid exorbitant sums to offload the knowledge and expertise that's already trapped inside their heads.

Also, if you notice, even the act of becoming the kind of person who possesses the skills and ability to charge $8,333 per month for coaching necessitates a 10X transformation as well. No one is born carrying that much value inside their mind.

That kind of expertise and pricing power is developed, intentionally, over the course of months, years, decades. And yes, it's hard! It's hard to transform yourself into the kind of person who's able to command fees like that. But poverty has its challenges as well, and I'd argue, not trying to live up to your potential is harder on the psyche than actually going for it.

#5: Develop Your Unique Ability

“The scariest and most exciting thing you’ll ever do is be your truest self, holding nothing back, and with no apology. This is how you develop mastery in your Unique Ability.”

What is your Unique Ability? What is the unique value you provide to others, which no one else can? This is your 20%, that part of your work - your calling - that you could never, ever outsource or delegate. It's what you're uniquely suited to do, what you've decided to make the focal point of your entire career.

A few obvious ones: Will Smith's Unique Ability is acting. The dude literally doesn't know how to cook or drive. I doubt that he could tell you almost anything about what most people consider "common knowledge," but he went all-in on his Unique Ability, literally to the exclusion of basic functions of adult human beings.

Kobe Bryant was another one. His 80% probably includes taxes, the laundry, other basic household chores, as well as common, "fun" activities like drinking and clubbing.

Sure, he probably had some vague idea of when tax season was, and obviously he's been to a nightclub before, but his Unique Ability was playing basketball at the superstar level, and literally everything else was part of his 80%, a total distraction from what he decided he was placed on this Earth to do.

So you have to ask yourself:

“What is the 10x jump that excites you most, which requires you go all-in on your Unique Ability to realize?”


“What’s the 80 percent of your life keeping you busy but unproductive, because it’s keeping you outside your Unique Ability?”

Have you an idea of what your Unique Ability, in fact, is? Or haven't you explored the edges of your experience enough and tried enough different things? Have you searched for your Unique Ability? Or, perhaps more accurately, have you decided what it's going to be?

#6: Asymmetric Upside

“The more different and better you are for a highly specific type of person, the more asymmetric the upside in everything you do.”

The common advice you'll get in the creator economy is to "niche down." What this means is to stop trying to appeal to everybody, and instead go narrow, disqualify most people from working with you, and go all-in on catering to the needs and problems of a specific customer avatar. It's good advice.

For example, there are tons of ghostwriters. Some very good, most painfully average, a few just awful. I won't name any names. But people aren't looking for "ghostwriters," they're looking for A ghostwriter, someone with domain knowledge, and experience in writing for a specific type of client, say, tech CEOs or politicians.

So if you were to hang out your shingle as a "ghostwriter," yeah you'd probably land a few clients here and there, but no one would think, "Wow, this person is PERFECT for me and my project." You're no different than a million other ghostwriters cold-pitching them in the DMs.

What niching down does for you, however, is differentiate you from the crowd and help your perfect client come to the decision that you are EXACTLY who they are looking for. Then, price isn't even an object. Because you have no competition.

#7: Who Do You Want to Be a Hero To?

Who do you want to be a hero to? Ask yourself your own version of this question, for it illuminates your fitness function, 20 percent, and the focus of your Unique Ability development.

First, you define your Dream Check. This Dream Check should be ballpark 10x what you’ve been paid to this point for a Unique Ability project. This is a massive, even absurd, amount of money to be paid for something that would ultimately be extreme play and transformational for you to do.

Then ask yourself these two questions: 

1. What specific value would I need to provide such that my Dream Check would be a no-brainer and extreme bargain for the person who would happily pay me? 

2. What would need to be true of my Unique Ability to be valuable enough that someone would see it as a no-brainer and extreme bargain to write and pay me my Dream Check?

In order to provide that level of value, you would have to become 10x better and more specific in your Unique Ability. You’d have to be able to produce 10x value for the person who wants it - whatever specific results those are.

Who do you want to collaborate with? Who do you want to create specialized value with and for? What kind of Unique Ability would you need to have for you to get that Dream Check? What specialized skills and abilities and results do you want to create and develop?

10x is about better, not bigger. Hence, to get your Dream Check, you’d become 10x better and more valuable in some unique and specific way to whomever you want to be a hero to.

What would your 20 percent be - where you’d go all-in to further master your Unique Ability and transform yourself into the kind of person where getting that Dream Check isn’t just crazy, but feels completely natural?”

#8: Claiming Exponential Rewards

“The rewards for higher and unique quality aren’t linear, but exponential. 10x is easier than 2x. 10x is qualitative and takes you down a totally nonlinear pathway of mastery and freedom.

To go 10x requires committing fully to the 20 percent you most resonate with and eliminate everything that can’t or won’t go 10x with you. You quit everything that can’t go 10x from here, even if that means eliminating the best of what got you here.”

If it helps, what you're shooting for when you go 10X lies so far beyond the results that most people experience that the rewards are exponentially better too.

You won't merely gain small increases in satisfaction and quality of life, but exponential leaps that are hard to even imagine while you're still stuck in 2X thinking.

It requires the sacrifice and elimination of literally everything that can't make that 10X jump with you, but the hardships and those sacrifices are so completely worth it once you reach the other side. Even the attempt will change you and how you move through the world. And one of the most important things you'll have to eliminate are the beliefs that a 10X better future aren't possible for you.

Book Notes:

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”

-Richard Bach

“Every next level of your life will require a different you.”

-Leonardo DiCaprio

“He had never compromised with quality; his integrity as a man and an artist was the rock on which his life was built. If he split that rock by indifference, by giving less than the exhausting best of himself, if he were content merely to get by, what was left of him?”

-Irving Stone

“Anything that is alive is in a continual state of change and movement. The moment that you rest, thinking that you have attained the level you desire, a part of your mind enters a phase of decay. You lose your hard-earned creativity and others begin to sense it. This is a power and intelligence that must be continually renewed, or it will die.” 

-Robert Greene

“The road to hell is paved with the pursuit of volume. Volume leads to marginal products, marginal customers, and greatly increased managerial complexity.

Hard work leads to low returns. Insight and doing what we want leads to high returns.

Strive for excellence in few things, rather than good performance in many.

It is not shortage of time that should worry us, but the tendency for the majority of time to be spent in low-quality ways.

The 80/20 principle says that if we doubled our time on the top 20 percent of activities, we could work a two-day week and achieve 60 percent more than now.”

-Richard Koch

“There are literally infinite things I could do to grow my profits by ten percent. The goal isn’t big enough to create focus and specificity.

If, however, you asked, ‘If you wanted to grow your profits by ten times, how would you do it?’ that would be a much better question because there are likely to be very FEW, maybe even only ONE way to create 10x growth.

Indeed, almost nothing you’re currently doing would get you there. To separate the signal from the noise, you need to make the goal big enough to weed out most paths or strategies.

Impossible goals help you identify the ONE or FEW conditions that have the highest possible upside. Those are the areas to focus your scarcest resource - your limited attention on.”

-Dr. Alan Barnard

“The only way to make your present better is to make your future bigger.”

-Dan Sullivan

“If we didn’t have ambition - some big goal we are after - how would we know what little things, what distractions, to say no to?”

-Ryan Holiday

“Nothing happens until after you commit.”

“It’s easier to find one person to pay you $1 million than to find ten people who will pay $100,000. It’s exponentially easier to find one person to pay you $1 million than to find 100 people to pay you $10,000.” 

“To make a goal effective, you’ve got to test its outer-limits. Push it out as far as you can. Only once you make your goal impossible will you stop operating based on your current assumptions and knowledge.”

“Are you living exponentially or linearly?”

“Are you focused on effort or volume, or are you creating something qualitatively different and better than anything else out there?” 

“In a world that relentlessly races to the bottom, you lose if you also race to the bottom. The only way to win is to race to the top…The only way to be indispensable is to be different…Expertise gives you enough insight to reinvent what everyone else assumes is the truth…You can train yourself to matter…You are not your resume. You are your work.”

-Seth Godin

“Eliminate everything that can’t or won’t go 10X with you.”

“Committing to what you want most is the only way to be free.”

“You know internally whether you’re free. You’re free when you choose what you want and you go for it, rather than accepting what you think you need.”

“It’s only after you commit that you know what freedom feels like.” 

“What got you there will keep you there.”

“Mastery is not just the ability to do something well. It’s the ability to do something uniquely well. If it’s not unique, innovative, and uninhibited self-expression, then it’s not true mastery. Mastery and uniqueness are inseparable.”

“No matter where you’re currently at in your 10x process, you’re making gains. You’re making more gains than you actually realize. Regularly referencing your gains enables you to see and feel that progress.

Taking ownership of your experiences also enables you to transform your experiences into more gains. By learning more from every experience you have, you’ll stop repeating needless errors. You’ll never plateau as a person.”

“What is your fitness function - the capabilities and results you want to be able to produce and master?”

“Remember, Frank Sinatra didn’t move his own pianos. Neither should you - whatever that means for you.”

“10x is easier than 2x. 2x is doing the same thing, only more of it. It’s brute force, not intelligent, not transformational, not an upgrade in thinking.

10x is an entirely different way of doing things, based on an entirely different future. To go 10x, you can’t avoid the bottleneck - the 20 percent.

Instead, you fully embrace and transform it, knowing all the while that the bottleneck has always been yourself.”

The Gap and the Gain, by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy:

When you stop measuring yourself against an impossible ideal and start recognizing how much progress you've already made and how far you've come, success and happiness can be yours today. As explained in this book breakdown, there is no way to happiness - happiness is the way.

Sample Quotes from the Book:

“Ideals are meant to provide direction, motivation, and meaning to our lives. They are not the measuring stick. Our society has trained us to measure ourselves against our ideals, which by definition are unreachable. Goals, conversely, are reachable.”

“Your happiness as a person is dependent on what you measure yourself against.”

“When you end your day poorly and without a committed plan, you compromise the next 24 hours. Without a clear and committed plan, you become reactive to what’s around you and reactive to your own lack of energy.”

Read the Full Breakdown: The Gap and the Gain, by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Your Next Five Moves, by Patrick Bet-David:

In this business classic, one of the biggest breakout entrepreneurial success stories of the modern era lays out his personal playbook for how you can out-think, out-plan, and out-execute your competition in the fight they never even saw coming.

Sample Quotes from the Book:

“Your vision must align with who you want to be. Your choices must align with your vision. Your effort must align with the size of your vision. Your behavior must align with your values and principles.”

“A visionary is someone who is not living in the here and now. He or she has already seen at least five moves ahead and is living in that reality.”

“The ability to solve problems well is the ability to take a complex issue you’re facing and break it down into a step-by-step formula that helps you identify the root of the problem.”

Read the Full Breakdown: Your Next Five Moves, by Patrick Bet-David

The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith:

By teaching you the beliefs, habits, thoughts, and actions that the authors have used to build eighteen multimillion-dollar companies, you'll come away from this book with the specific tools and mental strategies you need to build your dream business.

Sample Quotes from the Book:

“If your conscious brain is a lot more limited than you realized, your nonconscious brain is vastly more powerful than you have ever imagined."

“If you were to write out your brain's potential expressed by the number of possible neural connections it could make, it would take you seventy-five years to write out all the zeroes.

That's the level of power and capacity you have at your disposal every moment of every day. In other words, your potential to achieve what you want is essentially without limit."

“The first step is to accept the fact that you are in the driver's seat: Your life is your creation, and the principal tool you have used to create it is your beliefs. If you want to change things, then decide what beliefs you want to have."

Read the Full Breakdown: The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith

Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life, by Bob Proctor:

If you want something you've never had before, you're going to have to do something you've never done before. The problem is that when we try to do this, our minds actively resist the change in an effort to remain comfortable. This book will show you how to move past that and create lasting success.

Sample Quotes from the Book:

“There’s perfection within you, and that perfection is seeking expression within and through you. It is always for expression, expansion, and greater good."

“Our paradigm was built through repetition – constant, spaced repetition – and that’s the way it’s going to be changed.”

“The income you earn is in direct ratio to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty of replacing you. There’s got to be a tremendous need for what you’re doing, so you’re going to get really good at it, and you’re going to be really difficult to replace.”

Read the Full Breakdown: Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life, by Bob Proctor

Questions to Stimulate Your Thinking:

The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life. That's also how you get the absolute most out of any book that you decide to read:

You ask great questions the whole time - as though the book was on trial for its life.

Here in this section are a few questions that can help guide and stimulate your thinking, but try to come up with your own additional questions, especially if you decide to read this book the whole way through...

#1: “What are you optimizing for?”

#2: “What do you ultimately want to be and do?”

#3: “What standards do you want to create and realize?”

#4: “Do you take your Unique Ability seriously enough to free yourself from the 80 percent?”

#5: “What minimum standards - such as the level of client you work with or time it takes to run a marathon - will help you adapt and evolve to where you want to be?”

#6: “Were your standards chosen by you, or adopted by the norms of those outside of you?”

#7: “What is your 20 percent that if you went all-in on, you’d become 10x more valuable and impactful?”

#8: “What are the few things you do and the few people you work with that produce most of your success and excitement?”

#9: “What is your 80 percent that is keeping you grinding away, and ultimately a distraction for your biggest future jumps?”

#10: "Why don't you start today? Why don't you start right now?"

"Judge a man by his questions, rather than by his answers."

Action Steps:

So you've finished reading. What do you do now?

Reading for pleasure is great, and I wholeheartedly support it. However, I am intensely practical when I'm reading for a particular purpose. I want a result. I want to take what I've learned and apply it to my one and only life to make it better!

Because that's really what the Great Books all say. They all say: "You must change your life!" So here, below, are some suggestions for how you can apply the wisdom found in this breakdown to improve your actual life.

Please commit to taking massive action on this immediately! Acting on what you've learned here today will also help you solidify it in your long-term memory. So there's a double benefit! Let's begin...

#1: Get Clear on Your 10X Transformation

You can't hit a target you can't see, so take some time and get really clear and specific on what your 10X transformation might look like - just in a general sense. You definitely don't need to have everything figured out on Day One, and very few people do.

But what's important here is not limiting yourself to 10X goals that are "acceptable" or "understandable" to other. You don't have to justify your 10X jumps to anyone, for whatever reason. You can just want things. You don't always need to explain yourself.

#2: Form the Outline of Your Unique Ability

Your Unique Ability doesn't have to shake up the world but it should shake up YOUR world. It should stretch you, scare you, and stop you from settling for what you have now.

Eventually, you'll want to get more specific about what you're optimizing for, and what seeking mastery will look like for you. As you progress down this path, you'll be constantly raising the bar on what's possible, and indeed on what's acceptable to you. Your standards will improve. You'll demand more from yourself, which is why it's also important to remember not to measure yourself against your ideals, but rather against how far you've come.

#3: Empower Others to Innovate on THEIR Unique Ability

The people around you exist in a field of potential as well, and often what you'll find is that your 80% falls under their 20%! Meaning, there are people out there who love to do many of the things that you hate to do.

Not only that, but they are better at those things, enjoy them more, and those things may even comprise part of their Unique Ability.

Viewed in this light, it becomes imperative that you stop doing what's distracting you from 10X, and start helping the people around you identify their 10X jumps. You'll have to actually, you know, speak to your team about what this might look like. 10X conversations have to happen before 10X transformations.

"The path to success is to take massive, determined action."
-Tony Robbins

About the Authors:

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship and has coached more successful entrepreneurs than anyone on the planet. He is the cofounder of Strategic Coach®, the leading entrepreneurial coaching program in the world, and author of more than 50 publications on entrepreneurial success. Over the past 30-plus years, Strategic Coach has provided teaching and training to more than 20,000

Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and author of Willpower Doesn’t Work and Personality Isn’t Permanent. Together, he and Dan co-authored Who Not How and The Gap And The Gain. His blogs have been read by more than 100 million people and are featured in the Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, and others. For several years, he was the #1 most-read writer on He and his wife, Lauren, are the parents of six kids. They live in Orlando, Florida.

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